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What is the easiest way to make a booking or reservation?

Using the booking page on our website is the quickest way to book for up to 12 people. For booking larger than that, send us an email at

Can I book longer than 2.5 hours?

Yes you can provided we have availability, when you put your booking through put the request in under "special requirements"

We would prefer lower seating, or higher seating, how do we request this?

Request it under "Special requirements",  we are more than happy to accomodate if available.

Why is the booking system showing no availability?

It is likely we are booked out at the requested time for the size of your booking. You can try to adjust the time or you can double check by sending us an email, Sometimes we can make some adjustments to the booking system to allow your booking.

Food & Drinks

Do you sell any other drinks apart from beer?

Yes we do, we have a fully stocked bar that offers beer, cider, cocktails, spirits, wine and soft drink. We also have a few non-alcoholic options as well as gluten free options.

Can we buy drinks to takeaway?

We sell a range of beers canned, which are available from the takeaway fridge. We also have growlers or you are welcome to bring your own growler to be filled. We can only sell for take-away, products that are manufactured on site.

Can we bring our own food or drinks?

We have a food truck on site whenever we are open that offers a range of food, these trucks change weekly and there is a food truck calendar on our website. Food can not be brought into the venue without prior approval. 

Outside drinks are not permitted and are against our licensing arrangements.

Can we bring a birthday cake?

Yes, if you are celebrating a birthday, you are welcome to bring a cake. Be sure to bring plates, napkins and a knife/cutlery as we don't have an on site kitchen. Please speak to staff on arrival if you need to us put the cake in the coolroom.

Do you sell kegs for home us or will you fill my kegs?

We have a range of beers available in 20L disposable kegs, please check our website for current availability or speak to our staff. We do not fill corny/homebrew kegs.


Can we bring children into the venue?

Yes, children are permitted in the venue as long as with an adult. Certain paid events are 18+ however they are advertised as such (e.g Comedy Nights).

Can we bring our pet?

Unfortunately no pets are not allowed at the brewery. As we currently don't have an outdoor space and they are not allowed inside due to commercial lease terms. We do hope to add an outdoor space in the near future which will allow flexibility with pets. NOTE: assistance animals are permitted, they must be badged and jacketed.

Do you do large group bookings, functions or events?

Yes we do, please contact and provide details on the event, date, time and number of people and we will be back to you with information.

Do you have live music?

Yes we do, we have live music most Friday, Saturdays and Sundays. Check our "whats on page" on our website for further details.

I'm a musician and would love to play at the Brewery, how do I apply?

Send an email to with links to your socials and videos, along with a price for a standard 3x45 set. Understand that we receive dozens of enquiries from musicians each month, if we don't contact you back immediately your enquiry will be kept on file and we may contact you in the future.

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